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Spotting EXO members in pictures

Pann: Celebrities who take pictures of themselves voluntarily

1. [+141, -0] All of those pictures were taken for EXO ㅋㅋ Sehun mentioned the first picture on a radio and the person did end up taking a picture with Suho later. The person who took the picture of Suho in a restaurant also mentioned on their blog that they took the picture for Suho. The members know that people take pictures for them.

2. [+129, -5] I didn't know EXO that well but on Infinity Challenge, they looked so innocent ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They don't look innocent though ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+106, -3] I'm glad they can freely walk around overseas at least ㅠㅠ They can't really do that in Korea.

4. [+54, -0] If I were them, I wouldn't like it... They're such pro idols.

Fan: Fans' attention could be pressuring and tiring...
Baekhyun: No~ Not at all. I was born for this.
Q: Isn't it uncomfortable when people recognize you?
Chanyeol: I didn't start this career without knowing that. I chose this path, it's something I must accept.
Chen: The fact that people recognize us is positive enough for us.

5. [+45, -0] I saw Sehun at Garosugil. I wanted to say hi but I didn't because he looked so scary... I shouldn't tried if I knew he was open to taking pictures like that.

6. [+44, -0]

Baekhyun: Guys, if you see me on a street, please greet me.
Lay: Please say hi if you see me on a street. Don't be scared and come.
Suho: I sometimes look forward to people recognizing me.

7. [+33, -0] They must have really small heads in real life... I can see how small their heads are from the pictures.

8. [+27, -0]

Chen: Sehun, when someone sees you on a street and asks, "Are you EXO Sehun?", do you answer that you're indeed Sehun?
Sehun: Yes!
Chen: Me too.
Sehun: Well I am Sehun. How can I say no? I say that's me.

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