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"Gay" becomes one of the search terms of Lee Daehwi

Search terms of Lee Daehwi:
Lee Daehwi gay
Lee Daehwi plagiarism
Lee Daehwi personality
Lee Daehwi Lee Yeon Bok
Lee Daehwi Jeon Somi
Lee Daehwi sasaeng
Lee Daehwi school
Lee Daehwi Insta
Lee Daehwi age


Pann: This is crazy, did you guys see the search terms of Lee Daehwi?

1. [+93, -1] What's with the "gay"? It's insulting sexual minorities and Lee Daehwi both. They must be crazy. He's only 17, they're going too far.

2. [+62, -0] Way to attack sexual minorities. It's true that Lee Daehwi's words were a mistake but I feel bad because the hate he gets is too much.

3. [+56, -2] Lee Daehwi's words were a mistake indeed but that's too much....

4. [+25, -1] In the video of making meringue, he said he knows he's ugly... I think he reads the comments. That's gonna hurt the seventeen-year-old a lot...

5. [+21, -7] Huh, but that's not done by his antis or anything. People looked up because they were just curious ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+19, -0] What the fuck, he's only 17 who just entered high school.

7. [+15, -0] If I were a trainee, I will never go on the show regardless of the chance to debut. All the trainee did was working hard but they get hate for such stupid reasons.

8. [+13, -6] Why is it upsetting to be called gay? Even if he's not gay, that's not an insult, you homophobes.

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