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"Cucumber Haters' Club" reaches 90K members

(The club members posting pictures of food with cucumbers blurred)


Article: 90K people have joined 'Cucumber Haters' Club'...

Source: Chosun Ilbo via Naver

1. [+5898, -351] A lot of people hate cucumbers because of its unique smell. It's not abnormal, it's just a preference.

2. [+2877, -179] Food preference is subjective. People sound old-fashioned when they criticize others' food preferences. I like cucumbers but I totally understand those that dislike it. I also have a trauma on a certain food so I understand.

3. [+2484, -126] Benedict Cumberbatch dislikes the article.

4. [+2255, -459] Make sure you also eat pickled radish when you eat pizza.

5. [+358, -12] The idea of the club is OK but cucumbers are not at fault.

6. [+291, -5] Some of the cucumber haters also hate watermelons and oriental melons.

7. [+142, -4] I can't imagine a life without cucumbers~! Nothing tastes better than cold, fresh cucumbers eaten during hot summer days... But I agree that we shouldn't force others to eat it.

8. [+119, -0] I know someone who even vomits at the smell of cucumber soap, but he has no problem with eating beehives and larvae.... Interesting.

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