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Sohee models for Thursday Island after Sulli

Pann: The model changed from Sulli to Sohee! What do you think?

1. [+149, -132] I think it's a pictorial for Thursday Island. Sohee is pretty indeed but Sulli matches the image more...

2. [+147, -29] People might call Sohee a has-been but her brand power is still strong.

3. [+108, -17] Hul, it suits her.

4. [+62, -58] Sulli for me.

5. [+44, -3] Sohee has always suited this kind of style. She wore a flowery dress once and it became a big trend ㅋㅋ

6. [+36, -34] It was better with Sulli.

7. [+30, -2] It looks natural and pretty.

8. [+30, -35] I personally think Sulli is better... Sulli's pretty face aside, she has this dreamy vibe and it suits her.

9. [+29, -32] Sulli is messed up in the head but she's prettier as a model.

10. [+28, -1] She suits the brand ㅠㅠ It's not the same pictorial but she also looks pretty here.

11. [+25, -16] When Sulli was the model

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