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SNSD's 'Catch Me If You Can' is the toughest girl group choreography?

Taeyeon teleporting (?)

Diamond choreo


Pann: The toughest choreography of girl groups & Taeyeon teleporting

1. [+172, -18] Stan Twice instead, Soshi fans. I also switched <3

2. [+145, -3] What's more shocking is that the song, choreo, and MV were completed with Jessica. But before it was revealed, Jessica left the group so they fixed the choreo and re-filmed the MV... They must've worked hard to adjust to the new choreo... I respect GodSoshi.

3. [+114, -6] Isn't I Got a Boy also tough? Mr. Mr. has a great synchronized choreo as well.

4. [+69, -46] Agreed. Apink and Twice's choreos aren't even choreos, they're just childish dances. They even lip-sync on top of that.

5. [+54, -0] It'll be SNSD's 10th anniversary and they're having a comeback. Please look forward to them!!

6. [+44, -0] I Got a Boy also looked really tough. The members said they felt like throwing up blood after doing the choreo of I Got a Boy. Catch Me If You Can has complicated transitions. But they sing live more than 30 songs at a concert. SNSD has a lot of members so even if the choreo is not complicated, their transitions are very complicated. Party is said to be an easy one but I saw a gif of the transitions and it looked really interesting.

7. [+41, -0] I hope SNSD lasts long. It's nice to see an appreciation post of them!

8. [+36, -0] SNSD is really a wall of girl groups.

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