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Idols' hit songs in history chosen by experts

Boy groups
1) Lies - Bigbang (10 votes)
2) Candy - HOT (9 votes)
3) Growl - EXO (7 votes)
4) Mirotic - TVXQ (6 votes)
5) Sherlock - SHINee, To My Mother - god, Bae Bae - Bigbang, Couple - Sechs Kies (4 votes)
6) Be Mine - Infinite, Sorry Sorry - Super Junior, Fantastic Baby - Bigbang, Lucifer - SHINee (3 votes)
7) Haru Haru - Bigbang, Dream Girl - SHINee, One of a Kind - G-Dragon (2 votes)

Girl groups
1) Gee - Girls' Generation (16 votes)
2) Tell Me - Wonder Girls (11 votes)
3) I'm Your Girl - SES (6 votes)
4) I'm The Best - 2NE1, Into the New World - Girls' Generation, No.1 - BoA (5 votes)
5) Cheer Up - Twice, Nu Abo - f(x) (3 votes)
6) Rough - GFriend, Electric Shock - f(x), I Got a Boy  - Girls' Generation (2 votes)

(30 experts were surveyed and they include music critics and music show/radio staffs)


Pann: Idols' hit songs in history chosen by experts

1. [+198, -275] Armies are trembling hard because their oppars aren't there ㅋ

2. [+153, -15] Gee deserves to be there though? Skinny jeans became a trend because of Gee and the MV got deleted once on Youtube but it still has a lot of views ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+108, -6] I think it's pretty accurate.

4. [+69, -34] Selling 1M physical sales when the physical market is dying. Charting high on an annual chart. Making all students growl. Isn't Growl at the level of TVXQ's Mirotic and SJ's Sorry Sorry? When a new school year starts, students don't ask each other about their favorite celebrities, they ask about their EXO bias. On a recent variety show, even a security ajussi knew Growl.

5. [+42, -33] Did they do the survey in front of SM? ㅋㅋ Dream Girl, I Got a Boy, and Nu Abo shouldn't be there.

6. [+40, -7] Look at the top comment ㅋㅋ Armies didn't even bash anyone, why do you always have to mention them? Are you still denying that Armies get hate for no reason?

7. [+32, -0] I really agree with Bigbang. There won't be any boy group song that'll surpass them.

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