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Baekhyun and Chen's debut in EXO

Pann: I just found out about the debut story of Baekhyun and Chen, SM is merciless

(Pann talks about how Baekhyun and Chen got to debut instead of other trainees and current NCT member who have been training longer)

1. [+306, -5] Baekhyun and Chen's addition was god's work. They're the best singers in EXO.

2. [+283, -2] SM lets someone debut only if they fit the group's image. There was another trainee in the debut group for EXO who's image was similar to DO, but only DO got to debut.

3. [+246, -2] It's common for SM to make a debut group of trainees and then disband it suddenly or swap the trainees. Those who made it from SM are amazing. Jongdae and Baekhyun were lucky.

4. [+130, -0] They were lucky indeed but it's amazing how Chen and Baekhyun managed to meet the requirements of SM's staff in 11 months. There are trainees who've been there for more than 5 years, I can't imagine how hard they worked to do it in 11 months.

5. [+113, -0] Baekhyun changed his singing style completely in such a short span of time. He was a bad dancer but his dancing was decent when he debuted. His hard-work is amazing. Baekhyun and Jongdae held back their tears when they won their first daesang because they felt sorry to the other members who had trained longer than them... Both are amazing.

6. [+98, -1] Gong Seung Yeon was in the debut group for f(x), but she didn't debut. She was in the debut group for Red Velvet, but she didn't debut again. She ended up joining another company and debuted as an actress ㅋㅋㅋ NCT kids are lucky that they debuted. Imagine how many kids don't get to debut and get kicked out of the company.

7. [+79, -1] It was smart of SM, though? Baekhyun and Chen are great main vocals in EXO ㅋㅋ It's not like they debuted in EXO without a talent. I'm just amazed at SM's work because they seem to have invested the minimum but profited the maximum!

8. [+73, -0] Jongdae and Baekhyun got in by their talents and images, not by luck. They also worked really hard, you can't just call all of it luck.

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