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'Honey dripping eyes' at fansigns could be fake?

Pann: Don't trust 'honey dripping eyes' at idol fansigns

1. [+418, -18] Who actually believes that ㅋㅋ Fans just go to see the idols doing their jobs.

2. [+378, -8] You can fake honey dripping eyes... Honestly, it's mostly fake. I practiced it with my friend because we found it interesting and we could make those eyes.

3. [+277, -9] Agreed. It's the same for both men and women.

4. [+197, -6] Hul, if I were an idol, I'd just be happy by the fact that fans like me regardless of how the fans look... I guess it's not the same for most idols.

5. [+157, -1] They do aegyo for money. It's give and take. It gets tiring if you try to think deeper.

6. [+134, -5] It's not like they look at fans sweetly because the fans are pretty and cute. It's because they're thankful that the fans like them. I don't even stan any idol but even I know that. But the thing is that they could act fake.

7. [+125, -2] Hwayoung got hate because he showed his bare thoughts ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There must be a lot of idols with a shitty personality who think celebrities can earn a ton as long as they're handsome dancers ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+117, -1] What kind of a celebrity has honey dripping eyes just because the fan is pretty? It's because they're thankful for the fan's support... They're an idiot if they can't be thankful.

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