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YG artists' talent & digital results

Bang Bang Bang was released on June 1, 2015 and was #1 annual song in 2015

My Type was released on Sept 15, 2015 and was #29 in 2015 and #90 in 2016

Empty was released on Aug 12, 2014 and was #21 in 2014

Re-Bye was released on May 4, 2016 and was #67 in 2016

Playing With Fire was released on Nov 1, 2016 and was #88 in 2016

Breathe was released on Mar 9, 2016 and was #31 in 2016


Pann: YG artists

1. [+146, -9] After going to their concert and listening to MR removed videos, I realized how good iKON is at live singing. They swallowed the CDs. Of course, all YG artists are amazing but I'm proud that all YG singers use MR when a lot of other singers still use AR.

2. [+131, -8] YG is talent. So amazing...

3. [+128, -8] But people here bash their live singing... I don't understand.

4. [+72, -1] Once you start stanning a YG artist, you gain pride in digital sales, talents, and live singing. YG's con is Yang Hyun Suk... The con is too big so it overshadows the pros.

5. [+64, -0] Because Yang Hyun Suk never let someone debut if they can't sing live.

6. [+62, -8] Wow, Bigbang, iKON, and Black Pink are amazing. Bigbang is #1 annually, iKON charted for two years with one song, and Black Pink released a song in November but still charted on the annual chart...

7. [+55, -4] I went to a Winner concert and Song Mino's rap was so cool. I almost pissed in my pants.

8. [+54, -3] For groups in other companies, the visual members always have the biggest fandoms. But for YG groups, talented members have the biggest fandoms. It shows how YG stans like the artists for the music, not for the visuals.

9. [+48, -1] Honestly, YG groups are outstanding when it comes to singing talent... Even without the main vocals, the other members are still on the level of main vocals.

10. [+43, -0] Most YG artists have gone through survivals, it's weird if they're not talented ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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