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Education background of current Abnormal Summit panelists

Lucky (India)
Indian Institutes of Technology - Economics

Mark (USA)
Princeton University - Chemistry (Bachelor's)
University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School - MBA (Master's)

Aurélien (France)
Lille 3 University - French language & culture education

Alberto (Italy)
Ca' Foscari University of Venice - East Asian Culture, Chinese (Bachelor's)
Kangwon National University - Economics (Master's)

Zahid (Pakistan)
Korea University - Electrical electronics (Bachelor's)
Sungkyunkwan University - MBA (Master's, currently attending)

Wang Sim Lin (China)
Seoul National University - Mechanical engineering (Doctor's, currently attending)

Alex (Switzerland)
University of Essex - Economics (Bachelor's)
City, University of London - International economics (Master's)

Ogi (Japan)
Keio University

Nik (Germany)
Heidelberg University - Southeast Asian studies


Instiz: Education background of current Abnormal Summit panelists

- Aurélien is so handsome... Je vous aime...

- So Alex went to a university in England... as expected of a rich man

- Alberto went to Kangwon Uni, hul interesting... It's my area.

- Mark's education background is legendary... Princeton is known for its science programs and he majored in chemistry. On top of that, he also went to Wharton which is a top business school...

- Sim Lin and mechanical engineering... An unexpected combination!

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