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Suzy vs Taeyeon, whose life would you want to live?

Debuted at the age of 16. Became a trend with visuals and then a top idol by a movie appearance. Dominated the nation, filmed various CFs, and earned a ton. Starred in dramas with amazing male actors. Want to succeed in singing as well but her group's popularity is too lacking compared to her individual popularity.

Debuted at the age of 19. Became the ultimate stan attractor with singing talent and cute/pretty looks. Got a lot of hate with dating news, but her solo albums hit daebak and is known as the best female idol singer. Biggest fandom, amazing gifts from fans. Her group is the national girl group. Her group, subunits, and solo are all daebak.


Pann: Suzy vs Taeyeon, whose life would you want to live?

1. [+103, -54] Taeyeon's life looks happier to me. Suzy must've earned a lot but she's not very recognized for her music promotions, which is something that she truly desired for. I think she'll always feel regretful about it. Like Taeyeon, doing what you love and getting recognized will make you really happy.

2. [+97, -32] Taeyeon. Becoming a top with one's job is really cool.

3. [+91, -13] Suzy is a top celebrity but Taeyeon is a top singer.

4. [+46, -4] For the visuals, I really want to be Suzy...

5. [+44, -10] Suzy's solo is coming up. She'll have chances to get recognized.

6. [+44, -11] MLBPARK had a similar survey and more than 90% people chose Suzy even though the site is full of SM stans.

7. [+41, -5] I think Suzy is definitely a better choice... Her group is the flaw but they're disbanding anyways.

8. [+39, -10] Taeyeon for me. Popularity aside, Suzy's strength is her visual. It's not a lie to say she's earning money by her face. It has limits. On the other hand, Taeyeon's strength is her singing talent and it has no limits. Besides, her talent is one of the best...

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