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UP10TION's 200K physical sales is suspicious?

Pann: Honestly, how is UP10TION's physical sales 200K?

"BTS is called a miracle of a small company after B2ST and is a top boy group. Seventeen is definitely rising with potentials. Infinite's popularity isn't explosive but their career is thin and long with a strong fandom. As you know, these three groups are the big 3 of small companies. Seventeen barely surpasses 200K and Infinite has never reached 200K. Even B2ST's best sales were 160K. Infinite and B2ST couldn't surpass 200K and Seventeen barely managed to do it just once. How did UP10TION do it when they don't even have any fandom power or international fandom?"

1. [+85, -8] If Infinite held a lot of fansigns and released various versions of albums like the groups these days, they would've sold much more. Their first week sales could've been bigger. You can't just judge physical sales by the number itself. Do you even know how albums are being sold? Thin and long? There are a ton of idol groups, how many boy groups do you think are able to sell out limited editions and stay on the chart for 2 months? They got through the tough competition to become idols, win #1 trophies among countless groups, and get cast on variety shows. You need to stop. I'll understand if you compare the results only but don't say stuff like "thin and long" to provoke fans. If you're a student, how good are your grades? If you're working, how good is the company you're working for and how much do you earn? Don't speak carelessly. Respect others for happy stanning.

2. [+69, -2] I'm not sure about Infinite not having an explosive popularity and having a thin and long career. Before BTS got popular, Infinite's physical sales were the highest from small companies. But this is not the issue here. The number of different versions is critical but still, 200K is strange. Even if there are many versions of the album, they can't sell that much unles the group is trendy.

3. [+52, -3] What's important is that their digital score was 7... They have so many fans that bought 200K copies of the album but they don't even stream?

4. [+24, -46] I'm not a B2uty but I don't think BTS is the next miracle of a small company after B2ST. BTS is successful in their own ways but small companys' miracles are B2ST, Infinite, Sistar, and Bigbang.

5. [+24, -0] Hul ㅋㅋ It's hard for Seventeen, Infinite, and B2ST to surpass 200K sales, how did UP10TION do that? Isn't this crazy? Very suspicious of sajaegi.

6. [+23, -7] I'm a BTS fan and our sajaegi rumors also started like this. "BTS? That group sold that much? Doesn't make sense. It's sajaegi." People are so mean, I don't think UP10TION did sajaegi. The fans must be frustrated.

7. [+20, -8] BTS and Teen Top had the same rumors but they turned out to be false. Don't accuse them blindly.

8. [+19, -0] The groups that surpassed 200K are EXO, BTS, Seventeen, and GOT7. How did UP10TION surpass 200K?

9. [+17, -0] I guess 10K fans bought 20 copies each

10. [+14, -3] UP10TION's sajaeg is true

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