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VIP fandom asks to not be dragged into the conflict of EXO-BTS fans

"I've been stanning Bigbang since 2007. We (Bigbang's fandom) have zero interest in EXO-BTS incident. Currently, all Bigbang fans are focused on Bigbang's comeback. It's their first full album in 8 years, so we're all sensitive. Besides, TOP is enlisting soon, so it makes us more focused on the comeback. As you can see from Bigbang's DC Gallery, we don't mention any other artists. Ignore all posts that begin with "I'm a VIP and..." VIPs don't even know the standards for this year's MMA. We don't want to be used for another fandom's fight."


Pann: VIP's real situation right now (proof)

1. [+276, -8] There was no trouble when EXO won the album award last year. Why do you guys keep dragging us? Stop it. You can't use us as a shield just because there aren't many of us VIPs on Pann. We had small fights with EXO fans last year but no one complained when they won the album award. I've been a Pann reader only because of Bigbang antis but since a few days ago, it started to frustrated me to see us being used. OP's thoughts are my thoughts ㅋㅋ Hwaiting for the comeback!

2. [+261, -22] Those who are saying that the OP is not a VIP... I can tell which fandom you're from ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The fandom that's using Bigbang as a shield ㅋㅋ Stop it. Use real facts to refute instead of using Bigbang ㅋㅋ Don't even mention the group.

3. [+253, -4] I'm also proving myself because I'm so pissed. I was just a bypassing VIP but I'm doing this because it's really frustrating me. I fully agree with the OP. We're not interested in their business at all and we're patiently waiting for the upcoming comeback. It's their 3rd full album in 8 years and the last album before TOP's enlistment. We're ready to support them so just leave us alone!

4. [+92, -4] Imagine how confused Bigbang fans must've been. BTS fans need to stop.

5. [+91, -2] Thank you for the post - from EXO-L

6. [+77, -0] Honestly, I'm thankful to see this post as an EXO-L. This particular fandom needs to stop mentioning Bigbang. Just because you keep mentioning them, it doesn't mean that EXO's legitimate album award becomes unfair.

7. [+76, -1] The fandom that dragged Bigbang only ended up pissing off Bigbang fans. We're also flustered to see them mentioning Bigbang. On a big community site, they're warning and even expelling the users that are complaining about last year's album award. I don't know about Pann but there will be no more mentions from outside. Thank you.

8. [+68, -0] No VIPs complained about last year's album award and yet some other fans are trying to stir fights between us VIP and EXO's fandom ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why are they suddenly mentioning last year's album award? I'm so confused.

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