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Results of the big 3 undergoing a tax investigation

SM's charge: 10.2 billion won (article on June 23, 2014)

YG's charge: 3 billion won (article on Aug 23, 2016)

JYP's charge: 0 won. After a tax investigation, the investigators said they respected JYP. (article on Apr 21, 2015)


Pann: Results of the big 3 undergoing a tax investigation

1. [+153, -27] Park Jin Young looks very moral and his behavior is respectful

2. [+131, -16[ JYP is a wall, it's not like other companies are criminals or anything. Most companies get caught when they undergo a tax investigation, JYP is amazing...

3. [+71, -177] Do you have to compare them like that? Is it that people here are young? Most of corporate bodies get charged when they undergo a tax investigation, it's not a crime like tax evasion. YG is already having weird rumors, delete this post. It makes me upset.

4. [+55, -0] I'm not saying this just because I'm an ajussi born in 1988. Does Park Jin Young even have a single tattoo? He's not a tryhard, his self is swag... He was famous in Seoul as a dancer and was the student president at Bae Myung High School. And then he entered Yonsei University. Bae Myung High School is a privileged school. My uncle went to Bae Myung with Park Jin Young and he said he was a 4-D president who rode a scooter to school. At night he danced and sang but he did those after finishing his deeds as a student. He's a man of principle. That's why Rain studied hard at a late age, got into Kyunghee University's postmodern music program, and continued to practice. It wouldn't be weird if Park Jin Young's true students like Kim Tae Woo and Rain end up as the head... 6 years ago, the news reported companies like SM and Fantom getting investigated for slave contracts. They picked JYP as the ideal contract. Room salon serve has been banned at JYP since a long time ago. If someone gets caught, they're expelled immediately. There were severe criticisms behind the scene because they didn't believe the business could function without serving drinks, but Park Jin Young's quite strict... I don't respect him but his mindset, principle, and self-care show that he's an amazing person.

5. [+51, -66] Look at this image-making by JYP ㅋㅋ The article dates are different and it's a charge, not tax evasion. But this post makes it seem like it's tax evasion ㅋㅋ Even normal households get charged.

6. [+38, -1] It's true that JYP is clean with taxes. But at that time, JYP was in deficit so they didn't have anything to be taxed on. It's possible that JYP didn't get charged because they were a corporate in deficit.

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