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Twice's visuals in 'TT'

Pann: Tzuyu is insane

1. [+127, -25] Dahyun is trying to kill me. My heart is fluttering so hard.

2. [+92, -11] I gasped when I saw her

3. [+86, -21] Dahyun looks so cute in the music video ㅠㅠ Cuties ㅠㅠ Tzuyu ㅠㅠ Pretty goddess. Twice kids all looked so pretty ㅠㅠ I love you Twice <3

4. [+55, -4] Tzuyu looks stunning in every music video but Mina for me ㅠㅠ And the best part was when Mina and Tzuyu were dancing as they were singing back and forth.

5. [+47, -7] Jihyo is also insane

6. [+42, -1] This MV is so crazy... Jihyo...ha... I love Twice...

7. [+38, -1] I didn't hear any of the song because the members were so pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was busy staring at their faces and the song ended.

8. [+35, -3] As soon as I saw Tzuyu, I realized what a breathtaking beauty was. Dahyun looked really cute as a rabbit ㅋㅋ Jihyo was no joke, her facial features are very pretty. Other members looked pretty as well. This MV is daebak. Twice's MVs have refreshing concepts. The zombie concept in Like Ooh Ahh, the movie concept in Cheer Up, and the Halloween concept in this music video are new with great visuals.

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