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Gagwoman Park Narae 5 years ago

Pann: Park Narae was so pretty 5 years ago

1. [+101, -1] The danger of alcohol...

2. [+82, -1] I heard that she should've taken care of herself at that time, but she didn't

3. [+65, -1] Hul, fat is the problem. She's so pretty.

4. [+18, -0] I realized the importance of fat...

5. [+14, -0] I still don't think she's ugly

6. [+12, -1] Honestly, she's fat but she still looks pretty. It's just her fat and body gags.

7. [+8, -0] Park Narae is really good at cooking and hard-working. Alcohol is a serious problem...

8. [+8, -13] I hope Park Narae loses weight so that she can screw Yang Se Chan over.

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