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[Abnormal Summit E119] Zhang Ziyi's fake donation

Article: 'Abnormal' Wang Sim Lin, "Zhang Ziyi did a fake donation"

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+2163, -62] Although Wang Sim Lin sometimes says nonsense because he's brainwashed by Sinocentrism like Zhang Yuan, I like how he doesn't act fake for broadcast. Today, he also said he doesn't donate because he doesn't have money for it.. He's like a typical young man these days and he's very honest.

2. [+1825, -37] The members for this season are really good at discussions. They're also honest.

3. [+1083, -26] It's fooling the public. Zhang Ziyi doesn't have conscience.

4. [+1084, -169] Korea is not a subject nation of China. Sinocentrism out!

5. [+611, -26] Fake donation... Why would you do that?

6. [+237, -4] I didn't like Aurelien's impression at first but he's becoming more charming ㅋㅋ

7. [+239, -7] Wang Sim Lim exaggerates sometimes but he's not fake and is honest. He's a typical man at his age.

8. [+200, -8] Wang Sim Lim looked so arrogant at first but he actually criticizes things that should be criticized and admits what's wrong.

9. [+170, -0] This season is full of cynical members~ I was so surprised when Nik targeted Islam in a previous episode. You need honestly like this to have a proper discussion. I love it~ ㅋㅋ

10. [+212, -17] In the US, your tax gets lower if you donate. But in Korea, there was an incident where someone donated a huge amount and got taxed.

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