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Five body types of boy groups?

The average height & weight of Korean men in their 20's is 174cm & 73kg.

1) Skinny
Groups that can wear female clothes and weigh +50kg. 'Skinny' is a standardized expression to describe them. Usually, groups with fast and stylistic choreographies tend to have this body type.

2) Slim
They're not entirely skinny but slim. Their manliness is just between 'boy' and 'man'. This body type is suited for showy performances.

3) Tall
It applies to groups with an average height of +180cm. Just by standing, they fill up the stage. The unique aura of tall groups can't be copied by other groups.

4) Solid
It's not like they have excellent abs or huge muscles but they have enough arm muscles. Their concept is manliness and charisma.

5) Muscular & healthy
The ultimate healthiness. They're the ones that get called 'beast-dols'. Showing off their abs on a variety show is a must. This body type is suited for groups with extreme manliness and energy. This body type finally reaches the average weight of men.


Instiz: Five body types of boy groups

- They're just all slim or skinny... Male idols who look muscular and big are actually all skinny in real life ㅠㅠ

- VIXX forest... But VIXX is also too skinny...

- SHINee looks skinny but they have muscles on their shoulders and all. Don't just think of SHINee's old image and consider them skinny.

- EXO applies to all of them but they're just so skinny... sobs

- Muscular 2PM 2AM baby

- When they first debut, their bodies are unique. But after 3 years, all of them turn skinny...

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