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Jung Joon Young's whereabout in France & his Instagram comment

User: "I was never depressed..."
JJY: "Are you saying that in front me? ㅎ"


Pann: Jung Joon Young left for France

1. [+115, -26] I think he looks skinnier. It was a personal incident but he was witch-hunted by the media and hateful commenters, I'm sure he was hurt from it. I hope he recovers and brings good music.

2. [+107, -28] 1N2D seems empty without the smart maknae ㅠㅠ

3. [+89, -24] Joonyoung-ah ㅠㅠ Are you healthy? I heard that you left for France to work on a new album... He can't even rest... Recover your mental and come back!

4. [+35, -4] It was a legendary witch hunt. Since this controversy, I never trust journalists.

5. [+33, -4] I thought Jung Joon Young was amazing when I saw him not caring about hateful comments and doing what he wants. This must've hurt him a lot. It's because of hateful commenters and trashy journalists...

6. [+26, -3] I was speechless when I saw the news yesterday. They ruined an innocent celebrity. I hope Jung Joon Young comes back soon. I know a broadcast writer and she said Jung Joon Young has good reputation among writers and PDs. Unlike two-faced celebrities, he's really kind. I hope he finds strength and comes back from France as his usual self. I'm not a fan but his smiling face is sad to watch.

7. [+25, -0] He must be really upset. Hateful commenters who jumped on the bandwagon are pathetic.

8. [+18, -0] 1N2D was a show to end the week. It feels empty.

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