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Lawyer who was an SM girl group member

Yuna (lawyer), 32 years old
Majored in political science and diplomacy at Korea University
2010: Passed 53rd judicial examination
~2014: Attended 43rd Judicial Research and Training Institute
2014~: Lawyer at a law firm 'Sejong'

SM girl group Shinvi debuted in 2002. The three members - Sangeun, Soojin, and Yuna - were high school students. They released only one album and disbanded.


Instiz: Former SM idol lawyer

- Wow, amazing...

- Law firm Sejong is very famous, isn't it?

- Hul, I really liked their song Darling... It's amazing how she became a lawyer ㅠㅠ

- I thought it was about the person who went to Kaist...

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