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University students' major choice regrets & studying hours

Do you regret choosing your current major?
Yes - 72.7%
No - 27.3%

Reasons why you regret it
42.3% - It's different from what I expected
30.7% - I don't have an aptitude for it
25.3% - The major has low employment rate
21.3% - I applied for this major based on my grades
17.0% - The major isn't preferred by companies
15.1% - There are too many things to learn
11.6% - It's not a major for professionalism
11.4% - The content is far from the reality

The reason why you chose your major
29.6% - It's my interest / aptitude
18.2% - I applied for this major based on my grades
15.3% - It seemed helpful to get employed
12.6% - It's related to my dream job
11.4% - It has potentials for employment or self-improvement
7.6% - My parents or other people convinced me

If you can, would you change your major?
59.3% - Yes
40.7% - No

The major you want to change to
Engineering - 28.9%
Commerce - 22.7%

The average hours university students study per week - 8.89 hours
0.51 hour - Second language
1.98 hour - Major
2.4 hour - Civil servant exams
3.94 - English


Instiz: The reasons why university students regret their major choices

- I don't regret it. My major is fun but the assignments...

- I chose my major based on my grades... My only goal is to graduate

- I'm bad at math but I'm at an engineering college and I'm suffering...

- I chose history because it's my favorite but the unemployment...

- English literature is so hopeless

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