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Fans complain about the delay of Song Mino's new release on Melon

On the 8th, Song Mino released his solo debut song 'Body'. But his track was made available at 12:31AM. It was featured on the main page at around 12:40AM.

Despite the delay, his first rank was #11 within 30 minutes and his expected rank at 2 is #3.


Pann: Song Mino could've charted at #3 if his song was released properly

1. [+117, -11] The first 30 minutes are the most important. Props to Song Mino for still managing to chart at #11 within 30 minutes.

2. [+114, -10] This is too much. It's not even a music video, how can they release the digital track late?

3. [+98, -9] So mean... They know how important this is to the artists and fans...

4. [+55, -1] Other songs were streamed for an hour whereas Song Mino's new song was streamed for 30 minutes only. He charted #11 as a result of the competition, of course it's unfair. I'll boycott if this kind of thing happens to my bias' comeback.

5. [+49, -0] This is legendary. How can this happen...

6. [+47, -66] You guys were enraged with his gynecologist statement ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ugh, idiots. I still remember "spread your legs", do you really want to stan this jerk?

7. [+46, -6] Before Song Mino's song was out, he was #1 search on Naver and Melon. There were three Song Mino searches on Melon's search ranking, that's how active us fans were. But the song wasn't released at 12 and it ruined our focus. I'm gonna call Melon next morning. How the fuck are they gonna refund this ㅠㅠ

8. [+46, -0] I've never seen a new song released at 12:30. It's so upsetting.

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