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YG's official frauds

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- Kang Seungyoon's mini album news were revised many times for 3 years but we still have no result.
- GD's second full album was announced on June 25, 2013 to be released on Aug 18, but the news changed to Seungri's mini album released on the 19th.
- Taeyang's second full album was planned to be released in Sept 2013 but it was released in June 2014 with one missing MV.
- 4 new groups were to debut in 2014 but only Winner debuted. Besides, Winner was supposed to debut in 2013.
- Since the second half of 2014, they stopped updating 'from YG' - instead, they're trolling by OSEN articles.


Instiz: YG's official frauds

- Ugh, YG has no solution

- The only trustful YG articles are Yang Hyun Suk getting confirmed to appear on K-Pop Star.

- It's so hard to stan because of this company...

- If he has time to shoot K-Pop Star and Yang Goon TV, he should be doing his job instead.

- The new girl group was announced back in 2010 and they finally debuted now.

- What's the point of having talented artists when they don't even release albums!!!

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