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The Legend's lawsuits against SS Entertainment

A representative from The Legend's side stated, "This past July 7, we have filed lawsuits asking to nullify The Legend's contracts with SS Entertainment. According to the contract, SS Entertainment should have been doing everything in its power to help The Legend grow and improve in skills and talents, but they are not in a situation where they are able to do so. The Legend have been unable to receive lessons, which are key to an idol's career. In addition, other employees of the label in charge of aiding The Legend's activities have also been unpaid and are resigning. The employees themselves have also filed lawsuits against SS Entertainment."

The rep continued, "After signing the contract, SS Entertainment failed to provide managers or transportation for The Legend, and because they constantly failed to pay the utility bill at the dorm in time, the gas has been cut off several times. Currently, there is no electricity. According to the contract, The Legend must also receive a settlement table every 3 months, but SS Entertainment has so far only provided The Legend with two settlement tables, but even those had numerous flaws. When the group asked for recreated ones, the contents of the settlement tables changed. Afterward, The Legend have yet to receive further settlement tables."

The Legend and their side concluded, "SS Entertainment failed to fulfill its duties as a label for The Legend. The group has worked hard for their promotions despite the label's lack of action, but the contract is no longer negotiable. From here on, The Legend will provide clear evidence supporting their desires to nullify their contracts with SS Entertainment and will follow the court's decisions in all cases." [Source]


Pann: The Legend's lawsuits against SS Ent

1. [+53, -0] I understand the OP, there were posts of the lawsuit but none of them made to top posts. It must be frustrating. My bias also had a similar incident.

2. [+47, -0] It's so heartbreaking how this news isn't even critical because the group is unpopular

3. [+22, -0] As a Baby, I had a really hard time with this. I wished other idols wouldn't have to suffer from it... I hope it solves out well ㅠㅠ

4. [+13, -0] I'm a BBC and we also had trouble with the company ㅠㅠ I understand the OP. I hope they escape from that stupid company!

5. [+10, -0] Isn't Lee Haein from Produce 101 under SS Ent?

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