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EXO's 'Lotto' gets mixed opinions

Pann: EXO's songs always got mixed opinions

(Pann says Lotto won't get mixed opinions)

1. [+350, -11] Huh, I think this one will get more mixed opinions, though

2. [+333, -10] What... I think this one is getting the most mixed opinions after Wolf

3. [+253, -185] No for me

4. [+109, -59] I don't like songs with heavy autotune, so no for me

5. [+75, -30] I'm sorry but this is their worst song ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Since Growl, this is their least public-friendly title song. The public is disliking it a lot.

6. [+58, -3] It'll get a lot of mixed opinions because of the autotune

7. [+52, -32] Even i-fans seem to have a lot of complaints about it. I think this album is getting the most mixed opinions. It's no for me.

8. [+49, -18]
Growl - Wolf is better. What the hell is 'Growl'? Are they dogs?
Overdose - Growl is better. Overdose is such a minor taste.
Call Me Baby - The dance is so weird. Overdose is better.
Love Me Right - At least Call Me Baby was catchy.
Monster - Love Me Right was cute. It's so not EXO-like.
Lotto - Monster was cool. What is this autotune?

9. [+36, -23] I personally liked Monster but not this one

10. [+34, -3] Extremely mixed opinions ㅠㅠ A lot of people don't like heavily autotuned songs.

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