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[Abnormal Summit E111] National Liberation Day special + colonialism & Japan

Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Looking back on the National Liberation Day, colonialism did not end

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+3639, -113] I watched the episode and Japan was the only hopeless one. All other countries admitted their fault but Japan... ugh...

2. [+3275, -42] Jo Seung Yeon is an amazing person

3. [+2908, -28] I like special episodes like this. I hope they do it more often.

4. [+2965, -54] I was shocked when they said history is an elective course in Japan.

5. [+2007, -27] Today was a great episode

Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Japan Oogi, "Young Japanese people are not learning the history properly"

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+1927, -19] Japan doesn't teach things that'll disadvantage them ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1433, -42] A typical young Japanese man

3. [+1256, -22] They're reaching because they didn't learn anything properly

4. [+1115, -108] He's better than Tiffany ㅋㅋ Fany-ya, farewell~ You worked hard~

5. [+497, -2] At least he came to discuss today's topic. Props to his courage.

Article: 'Abnormal Summit' National Liberation Day special, a deep discussion on history

Source: Herald via Naver

1. [+186, -1] We need more shows like this

2. [+146, -0] Japanese people need to talk after learning the history properly. Such an ignorant country.

3. [+137, -0] I knew about how Germany teaches the history, but they still looked amazing next to other countries.

4. [+143, -5] Why didn't they criticize China? There's a lot of stuff to talk about such as the South China Sea, The Northeast Project, and Gando.

5. [+65, -8] Are you watching this, Kin Dok Kang? You don't have to know everything but history is something you must know~

Article: 'Abnormal Summit' National Liberation Day special, the importance of imperial nations' apology

Source: Xports News via Naver

1. [+144, -3] Looking at the Libya representative, the future of Libya must be bright

2. [+93, -0] Today's episode was very informative. It's heartbreaking but also something that we must know. This country we've living in... It's all thanks to the sacrifice of independence fighters. We must do more than thanking them. We must know the history and live properly.

3. [+75, -0] China is just as disgusting as Japan. Do Chinese people get educated on how many massacres and robbery China did in the history of Asia? Why didn't they talk about The Northeast Project? They should've also invited a Vietnam representative to hear about 1000 years of colonialism. Oh, the Tibet issue is on going. Sinocentrism is the biggest form of imperialism.

Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Writer Jo Seung Yeon, "I'm fluent in four languages, I wrote 18 books"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1208, -15] Wow, the Japanese kid must be super uncomfortable

2. [+989, -15] Today's episode was well-planned

3. [+813, -20] He talks really well~ He's no joke on a different show

4. [+578, -15] Amazing... Yet he's still studying...

5. [+239, -6] I feel bad for the Japanese kid. I want to give him an applause for appearing on the show. You're not the one at fault...


Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Writer Jo Seung Yeon, "I speak very fluently thanks to my Italian girlfriend"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+131, -1] Today's Abnormal Summit was so fun

2. [+72, -2] He's so intelligent

3. [+62, -1] He's really smart. Today was a funny episode.

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