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Sungho's rude attitude on 'Boys 24'?

"Watch out the angle of your arm"
"Won hyung, get up"

"Why don't you try that, hyung?"

"They shouldn't be uselessly hopeful"


Pann: Look at Sungho's attitude on 'Boys 24'

1. [+380, -2] I got goosebumps when he said they shouldn't be uselessly hopeful. If this show was as popular as Produce 101, he would've gotten so much hate. He's lucky that the show is a big flop. I felt bad for Won ㅠㅠ I would've felt better if Red team got eliminated. Sungho's attitude was so gross. If Sungtler makes it til the end, he'll get a lot of hate.

2. [+368, -12] His face also looks like shit

3. [+313, -6] I usually keep in mind that Mnet shows are mostly evil editing, but I don't think Sungho's attitude was by evil editing. He did say those words and the editing was smooth, so there wasn't any manipulation. It's not an image made by evil editing, it's his true self. But just like Sungho, Won looks just as stubborn.

4. [+152, -3] I think he wants to pull a GD, Zico, or BI. But those guys have leadership and charisma whereas this kid is just rude and mean.

5. [+136, -0] His face isn't even suited for an idol and his personality is also disgusting

6. [+93, -0] He's definitely cosplaying GD. I thought he was talented because he was acting arrogant like this. But he looked like a kindergarten kid trying to dance. He think he's at GD's level.

7. [+80, -0] No one would care if he's handsome and talented enough to criticize others like that. But since he doesn't satisfy both, he looks super annoying.

8. [+71, -0] Sungho is cosplaying G-Dragon, Yong Junhyung, Zico, and BI. These guys can be rude because they also have a warm side and are talented enough to lead their teams. They criticize their members to improve them, not for the sake of themselves. But he's acting like this for his own sake. Besides, he's not even talented ㅋㅋ

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