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Characteristics of the four music shows

M Countdown: "We have MPD. We'll shoot roughly though."

Music Bank: "We don't have a big budget so this is what we can do. The sound system is good, right?"

Music Core: "The stage and cameras are fine, right? @MBC_entertain is fine too, right?"

Inkigayo: "We have so much money, so we'll do some experiments."


Instiz: Characteristics of the four music shows

- For Inkigayo, the cameras also dance along

- I like Music Core... The stage settings are pretty

- God Show Champion

- I can't pick a favorite... At least M Countdown is fine because they're the fastest

- They should stop with foot close-ups

- M Countdown and Music Bank stages are too dark. Music Core has pretty stage settings but their camera work is terrible. Inkigayo is all about experimenting...

- Why did M Countdown get rid of fancams ㅠㅠ

- Fansite masters' work is the best

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