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'Pokemon Go' in America

Students at Stanford University catching pokemon

@ San Francisco City Hall

Article: Catching pokemons in the middle of the night... 'Pokemon Go' phenomenon in America

Source: Yeonhap via Naver

1. [+2443, -41] If this game was made by Nexon or Netmarble, they would've charged $5 for 10 monster balls with 2 bonus.

2. [+1854, -36] A rare pokemon at the IS camp in Syria

3. [+1229, -24] Snorlax in Pyeongyang!

4. [+1094, -36] A rare pokemon at GOP

5. [+982, -101] I really want to play this when it gets released in Korea...

6. [+126, -6] This is such a good idea. The pokemon content itself is good enough.

7. [+116, -3] You really have to give props to Nintendo's management... They come up with new stuff every year. Their products are disappearing like Nokia but the reason why they're still out there is because they create global trends every five years... So amazing.

8. [+110, -12] This is really popular in America... We need to learn from Japan that switching ideas can bring so much money.

9. [+111, -13] There's a trainer who got arrested because he went to a women's bathroom to catch a pokemon and the police didn't believe him.

10. [+60, -3] I live in Virginia and it's 1AM right now. So many people are walking on the street to catch pokemon ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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