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JTBC's new show 'Girl Spirit' featuring 12 female idol vocalists

Spica Bohyung, Fiestar Hyemi, Ladies' Code Sojung

Bestie Yooji, Laboum Soyeon, Lovelyz Kei

Sonamoo Minjae, CLC Seunghee, Oh My Girl Seunghee

April Jinsol, WJSN Dawon, Pledis Girlz Sungyeon

'Girl Spirit' is a competition show featuring female idol vocals who didn't get a chance to shine after debut. 12 main vocals whose years are no more than 5 years will showcase their talents on the stage.


Instiz: JTBC's new program after 'Sugarman'

- Wow, what a great show

- But I don't like the panelists... Sunggyu hwaiting, casts hwaiting

- Lots of members with good vocal colors

- Hul, I can't believe that Sugarman is over...

- But when will Crime Scene 3 air ㅠㅠ

- Pledis Girlz didn't even debut yet but they're appearing on this show?

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