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Is there a school subject that you don't find necessary to study?

Pann: Is there a subject that you don't find necessary to study?

1. [+514, -270] Math ㅋㅋ It's indeed an important subject but it's not like we have to solve functions in everyday life.

2. [+511, -53] English is so hopeless, it's just like Korean English. We can't speak naturally when we're at overseas.

3. [+424, -167] Honestly, all subjects are useless except history

4. [+223, -4] I like how arts, music, and phys-ed teach different things and improve our physicals but I don't want to write tests for these subjects ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+181, -2] I had morals until last year. It doesn't help with my morals at all and the questions are the most confusing ones. It destroys my average. I want them to get rid of it unless it's proper moral education.

6. [+163, -1] I think Korean is a necessary subject but I find it weird when they forcibly draw on the meanings of literature and poetry. How would we know that the author used 'light' to mean liberty and 'dark' to mean struggle? In Hwang Soon Won's book 'Shower', they teach us that the author used purple to foreshadow death but the author said it's just her favorite color, what the fuck. What a stretch.

7. [+126 -18] Science. I'm in middle school and we learn about clouds and winds. But when it rains heavily, we don't actually go, "Yikes, it showers, is this caused by those cumuli-form clouds?"

8. [+125, -2] I want English to be more practical. Instead of this "I'm fine, thank you", I want to learn more conversational English. I went overseas because of my dad's job and realized how useless Korea's English education was was.

9. [+115, -1] Phys-ed. I understand performance assessment but I don't see why we have to write tests on it. We don't even learn about it and weeks before a test, they give the answers and tell us to memorize everything.

10. [+85, -7] I'm questioning the entire education system of Korea. Math should never be taught in this way. Instead of improving students' ability to think, it turns students into machines for problem solving. We need projects where we can change the level and amount to basic and make students to think and argue. Math is also a talent. But if you give up on math, it means you're giving up on your life in our country ㅠㅠ English also doesn't help, either. I want to put more conversational education and decrease grammar component.

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