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Fan gifts for 'Boni Hani' Lee Soo Min

Pann: Amazing birthday gifts for Lee Soo Min

1. [+343, -12] She's nothing but a trendy middle school kid because of Boni Hani yet she gets this amount of gifts. I can't imagine the birthday gifts EXO and BTS get from their countless fangirls.

2. [+230, -62] I really don't understand why they would buy gifts for celebrities' birthdays. I'm honestly curious, are they that rich?

3. [+167, -0] I used to be an idol fangirl. Every time it was his birthday, I paid my money and bought him gifts. Later, one of my relative unnies became an idol and she got popular. When she got her gifts, she gave her dad (my uncle) an iPad and told him to sell it because she already had two of them. Since then, I understood why adults say it's useless to send gifts to celebrities ㅋㅋ

4. [+56, -1] Honestly, I envy her so much

5. [+48, -5] I'm the same age as her. Every time I see this, I find myself so pathetic ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I envy her

6. [+45, -0] Celebrity is the best job except the privacy part. There isn't any job like this.

7. [+43, -0] I read it as Lee Soo Man...

8. [+39, -1] This is why you shouldn't worry about celebrities. She's a short trend but she gets so many gifts. It's not an exaggeration to say a popular idol can buy a house with all the gifts they get. Fans also provide supports, food trucks, etc. Once an idol says, "I love you", fans buy everything for them. No other job is better than a celebrity.

9. [+32, -3] I want people to stop with the excessive gifts. My cousin oppa is a famous athlete, so he also gets gifts. He gives dolls and foods to dongsaengs, his family, and me. He also gave me an iPad he got because he already had a Galaxy tablet. His gifts aren't that excessive but this is what he gets. Imagine how it would be for a celebrity with many fans ㅠㅠ Letters are okay but I wouldn't recommend giving expensive gifts.

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