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SM groups throwing out other artists' albums?

Bigbang's signed CD for Changmin

VIXX's signed CD for SHINee

Wonder Girls' signed CD for SNSD


Pann: Throwing out other artists' album is SM's habit

1. [+156, -7] How pathetic of you, OP... You just wanted to bash them, huh? ㅠㅠ

(VIXX fans proved SHINee innocent by tracking down the person who tried to sell the signed album and making him tell the truth)

2. [+110, -6] I'm a Starlight but the case of SHINee and VIXX was fake

3. [+109, -19] Why don't you think of the other way? You don't think it happened three times because there's a problem when the albums get delivered by a third person? There's no clear proof or a video of them throwing out the albums. This is only pictures of the albums without evidences. You don't even consider the possibility of manipulations? It's you people's habit of always looking on the negative side.

4. [+50, -3] Bigbang's album was also found with a TVXQ album. Why would he throw out his own album ㅋㅋ Are you trying to create rumors?

5. [+43, -2] SNSD one is manipulated, you're so slow. It's not SM's habit, it's just antis trying to drag SM artists ㅋㅋㅋ If you look at the Wonder Girl album, the members wrote, "Let's meet up soon." "How are you doing?" Thus it's very possible that it was given by a third person. SNSD and Wonder Girls fans know that both groups are close, so this controversy is useless ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don't say they gave the album at a music show recording, both groups' schedules never overlapped.

6. [+37, -3] How can you bash SHINee's personality... It's already proven to be false. Instead of bringing these stuff to stir a controversy, just delete this post.

7. [+33, -3] I'm a Starlight but SHINee members aren't the type that throw out others' albums

8. [+31, -5] Changmin has the best personality after Yunho ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What a load of bull

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