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[Content warning] Short explanation of a 'body show' that Yoochun enjoyed

Dispatch also added that while there are rumors that Yoochun paid Lee 600,000 won, a staff member from the adult entertainment establishment explained that a different girl performed a body show on the table for Yoochun and his crew, and that Yoochun had tipped her 300,000 won for her performance, which is where the rumor probably came from. (source)

Body show: A customer puts money on the table and a female worker gets on the table and takes off her underwear for a show. For example, she pours liquor on her private part, sticks a straw or a cigarette in her private part, and pours liquor through her breasts and calls it 'valley drink'.


Instiz: Let me tell you what a body show is (from JYJ gallery)

- Human desire is unbelievable. It's contemptible.

- I heard that these room services are more sexual than strip clubs...

- What shocked me the most was 'egg show'... They insert an egg inside and "lay an egg". Some workers remove their uterus to do this.

- He's not even my bias but my mentality is tearing apart

- I'm shocked that other celebrities also go there

- On Tumblr, I saw a woman smoking with her private part and it was so disgusting

- The workers and customers are all the same ㅋㅋㅋ

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