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Korean independence fighters: Yoon Bong Gil, Lee Bong Chang, and Ahn Jung Geun

Before Yoon Bong Gil and Lee Bong Chang set off a bomb at Japanese dignitaries in Shanghai, they took photos to leave historical proofs.

Three days before the bombing, Yoon Bong Gil took a photo with Kim Gu, a leader of Korean independence movement.

He also took a photo with a written oath and a grenade. He was 25.

Lee Bong Chang took a photo in the same way. He was 32.

Oath: "To regain the independence and freedom for my country, I vow to slaughter the officer of the enemy."


Pann: Pictures of Yoon Bong Gil and Lee Bong Chang before revolting

1. [+93, -3] Thank you for a great post but there's wrong information. According to my history teacher, the picture is not Lee Bong Chang. Japan edited the picture with someone else's face to mock Lee Bong Chang. They edited him with a funny face that doesn't match the situation of about to be revolting. The picture itself looks very awkward, I'm sure you also noticed it. I saw the real picture of Lee Bong Chang and he looked very determined and firm. I hope you refer to my comment.

2. [+85, -1] The picture on the left is manipulated. The picture on the right is the real one. As you can see, his hands and the flag are drawn in the left picture, it's clearly manipulated.

3. [+53, -0] They're the reason why we're living peacefully.

4. [+18, -0] I thank them and I'm tearing up. Thank you for posting this.

5. [+14, -0] Thank you.


The executioner asked Ahn Jung Geun what his last wish was. He answered, "Please give me five more minutes. I haven't finished the book yet." When he finished the book, he thanked them and wore the shroud his mother sent him.

Picture of Ahn Jung Geun & him in the shroud

His quote: "Unless one reads every day, thorns grow in one's mouth."


Pann: Last wish of Ahn Jung Geun

1. [+38, -6] Are you reading this, Seol Dok Kang? This is whom you insulted.

2. [+24, -0] Ah... I can't dare to comment...

3. [+23, -3] Are you seeing this, Seolhyun? Tsk tsk

4. [+8, -1] If I were him, I wouldn't have been able to read a book in the last five minutes... It's amazing that he acted up to his morals until the end.

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