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Fans shield Twice's bad singing?

Pann: Twice's singing

(Pann talks about fans shielding Twice's bad singing)

1. [+128, -189] It's the opposite. No one cares if a female idol hits a wrong note or lip-syncs but Twice is underrated. And what's wrong with a rapper rapping? Jihyo is average? Gain praised Jihyo a lot on Sixteen. Watch Jungyeon and Nayeon's Happy stage, Sana's Follow Me stage, Chaeyoung's audition video, and Mina's I Love You My Dear. If you watch other singers covering Twice's songs, you'll know that Twice isn't untalented. It's not like they don't get criticized, either. They get criticized for their talent everyday.

2. [+100, -138] Can you people stop with nitpicking everything? It's not too long ago when you bashed Nayeon's looks. If you're watching their stages to pick on their talent, just stop paying attention to them. I really don't understand why antis watch everything instead of ignoring the artists. Do you really want to keep watching the artists you hate? Do you have to bash them like that? Are you a pervert who enjoys this kind of thing? What's wrong with you?

3. [+98, -97] I'm sorry but do you think people who are the same age as 15& can be good at singing? Park Jin Young praised Chae sisters on K-Pop Star when they couldn't sing at all. DAY6 members are all main vocal level. Stop dissing JYP. Twice didn't make a mistake today and they did fine. Stop bashing them.

4. [+73, -28] Honestly, don't we all know that Twice can't sing except Jihyo, Nayeon, and Jungyeon? Nayeon and Jungyeon aren't even good compared to other lead vocals. They're all hopeless except Jihyo. Their fans are blindly shielding them because of their pretty visuals ㅋㅋㅋ I even saw someone saying Tzuyu sings well... Are you deaf? Talking about foreign members' singing talent isn't even worth it. At least Momo is a great dancer. The foreign members need more training. Chaeyoung can't sing but her rap is decent. Dahyun has a lot of potentials. Onces need to admit that Sana, Tzuyu, and Mina are hopeless other than their pretty faces. Shield what you can shield.

5. [+71, -51] Today, my whole class watched the collaborated stage of Touch My Body. As soon as Momo sang her part, we were like, "What's with her voice?"

6. [+66, -18] It's true that they can't sing though... The foreign members' years of training did wonders but their pronunciation is still really bad. I wouldn't say they're underrated.

7. [+63, -23] This post is true though? Even fans would admit that their MR removed video of Cheer Up doesn't sound perfect ㅋㅋ They don't even sing the high notes but people go too easy on them.

8. [+47, -42] On Sixteen, Gain said, "She's really good at singing" to Jihyo.

9. [+39, -10] They're not good except a few members

10. [+37, -12] Nayeon and Jihyo are considered to be good singers in Twice but they're bad compared to other main vocals.

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