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Ajussi in his 30's talks about boy groups subjectively

1) Bigbang
I know most of their hit songs. They're the longest-lasting idol group with SuJu. GD, TOP, and Taeyang are very charming.

2) Super Junior
They're familiar because they're on a lot of variety shows. The members are humorous and Kyuhyun is funny on Radio Star. Siwon is obviously handsome. I know Kangin because I saw him on news many times. I know Eunhyuk's face because of his scandal with a singer. I don't know the rest of the members. For their songs, I only know Sorry Sorry. Oh, I know Leeteuk and Shindong because of Strong Heart.

3) EXO
I tried listening to their songs because they're a big trend lately. I don't know the members individually. I watched their music video and they were all handsome. They have the type of looks that young girls would like.

4) 2PM
They were so popular when I was in my 20's. I still listen to some of their songs. The members have good bodies. I used to go to gym to make my body like Taecyeon's but I failed.

5) Infinite
I don't know the members, but I liked a lot of their songs, so I listened to them often.

6) Teen Top
I know them as Shinhwa Andy's group. I don't know the members. The only song I listened to was Crazy. I listened to it for years and I got sick of it recently.

7) B2ST
I know Kikwang because of High Kick Through The Roof. I like Yoseob's solo songs and listen to them often. I found out about Hyunseung's withdrawal by news articles. I think they're also a long-lasting group with SuJu and Bigbang.

8) Seventeen
I see them on Pann a lot but I don't know who they are.

9) BTS
I tried listening to their songs on Melon but liked none. I don't know who they are, either.

10) SHINee
The members look unique. Their songs are also unique.

11) GOT7
I don't know the members but I listened to their songs a lot. Their first album made me confused at first but I got addicted later. I still like the entire first album.

12) Block B
I knew them by Zico. I also know that they used to be under Cho PD's company. I only listen to Zico's solo releases.

13) B1A4
I don't know the members' names. I know that one of the members acted in God's Gift as a disabled person. I liked his acting. I don't know their songs.

14) BTOB
I don't know about them except Sungjae. I saw Sungjae twice at the bar that I go often. He's handsome. He drank very quietly and left.

15) Winner
I know them because of Kang Seungyoon on Superstar K. I know that they're under YG. I listened to a few songs. They don't have a special image to me.


Pann: Images of boy groups by an ajussi in his 30's (subjective)

1. [+115, -40] I think this is indeed correct boy group images by an ajussi in his 30's. Fans of Seventeen and BTS are living under the rock. Those who have no interest in idols don't know the members of Seventeen, BTS, and EXO individually. I'm sure a lot of people haven't even heard of Seventeen. It's surprising that he knows a lot of GOT7's songs. It would be more objective if he said he doesn't know about GOT7 except Jackson.

2. [+88, -31] Thank you for listening to BTS' songs on Melon~

3. [+54, -58] This is obviously written by a fan ㅋㅋㅋ Ajussi in his 30's, my ass.

4. [+43, -3] My husband is in his late-30's and I showed him this post. He agreed with it a lot. It's not even a bashing post, I don't understand why fans are mad. Does everybody have to know about your bias or what? EXO, the most popular group at the moment, isn't even known individually. The fans try so hard to make their bias relevant.

5. [+31, -2] I'm 22 and I also don't know about BTS and Seventeen. For a guy to know about boy groups, it has to be a very well-known group like Bigbang and SHINee.

6. [+29, -1] I'm surprised to see a lot of downvotes. Did you downvote it because he doesn't know about your bias?

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