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Fan union of Yoochun vows to support him & i-fans' supporting events

1) Fan union of domestic & international fans of Park Yoochun vow to support him.
2) They're regretful that Yoochun's image is tarnished by false and provocative media reports.
3) They ask the media to stop reporting inaccurate information for fair investigation
4) They demand proper investigation for the truth.


Instiz: International fans of Park Yoochun

- In my second life, I want to be born as a male idol

- I'm getting goosebumps

- This is why he's getting more hate. They're fans but they don't realize what they're doing...

- I envy him. I did nothing wrong but people hate me and bash me. I really envy that he has that many supporters.

- International fans tend to ignore these scandals and think Korean fans are sensitive and not loyal.

- It's a serious incident but they treat it like a happy event.

- Same with Kangin's situation. I don't understand why i-fans shield too much.

- Protecting him? Why don't they protect Yoochun's victims instead

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