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What would BAP think as they watch EXO?

Pann: What would BAP think as they watch EXO?

What would BTOB think as they watch EXO?
What would VIXX think as they watch EXO?
What would MBLAQ think as they watch B2ST?
What would Teen Top think as they watch Infinite?
What would Boys' Republic think as they watch BTS?
What would Boyfriend think as they watch B1A4?
What would Boyfriend think as they watch Block B?
What would 2PM think as they watch SHINee?
What would U-Kiss think as they watch SHINee?
What would GOT7 think as they watch Winner?
What would NU'EST think as they watch Seventeen?


1. [+317, -12] What's really unfortunate about BAP is that in 2012, EXO was a nugu and BAP was the most popular rookie group and swept rookie awards. But it took only one year to turn the tables... They were on a hiatus because of their company...

2. [+187, -20] EXO is outstanding, it's not like other groups are doing bad.

3. [+167, -7] Especially BAP, MBLAQ, Teen Top and Boyfriend ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They were more popular before.

4. [+102, -42] Why GOT7? Do you even know about GOT7's physical sales and Youtube views?

5. [+86, -4] They debuted in 2012, got called a monster rookie and won 13 rookie awards. Unlike other boy groups, their concept was criticizing the society and they had a lot of fans. They promoted hard and fans even said, "BAP never rests". BAP has a lot of popular songs. Warrior, Power, Crash, 1004, One Shot, etc. They were at their peak but they took a sudden hiatus. Fans were wondering what was happening and it was a lawsuit over slave contracts... They were planning to gain public recognition when they reached their peak but the plan got cancelled. It was the time for them to be known to the public but the incident was so huge. The company dragged the issue for too long and it resulted in a 2-years hiatus. Many fans got tired of waiting and left the fandom. As the time passed, the 6 members bounded stronger. Daehyun missed his fans and asked his friend to make a Naver cafe to communicate. Leader Yongguk tweeted a fan art of BAP and Baby holding hands and Daehyun did busking to sing to his fans. After BAP returned to their company, the first thing Daehyun said was that he wanted to sing on Mask Best Singer. BAP worked on a new album and brought good songs but they failed to gain a big fandom they used to have. Since the incident, BAP and Babies have gotten closer. I think BAP is the most unfortunate case. I went to IAC and I couldn't sit at the fan seats, so I sat at a normal seat and cheered hard. Himchan looked at me in the eye and mouthed, "I'll remember you" with a smile. I had to wait for them.

6. [+73, -0] VIXX was asked, "Do you think EXO is the reason why you're not able to be more popular?" They answered, "We're close to EXO and we cheer for each other. We never think they're the reason why we're less popular. EXO got popular by their own music and we're growing and maturing by our own music."

7. [+65, -0] In 2012, BAP vs EXO was a big rivalry ㅋㅋ EXO became a wall so they're not rivals anymore but if BAP didn't have a conflict with their company, they would've been more popular. It's a pity.

8. [+52, -5] 2PM swept awards when they were at their peak and they're still doing well overseas ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If we're comparing the peaks of SHINee and 2PM, 2PM's public recognition and popularity are bigger than SHINee's.

9. [+51, -1] Do you know that MBLAQ was more popular than B2ST and Teen Top was more popular than Infinite?

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