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Three female idols who are flight majors

Dia Heehyun (Cathy) - Flight operators major at Inha Technical College
She was a trainee at Woollim, but she doubted success as a singer and changed her career path. She got cast by MBK eventually and debuted in Dia.

Mamamoo Solar - Flight-related major at Hanyang Women's University
Her original job was a flight attendant. She participated in a singing event on a street in Hondgae and was noticed by a staff of her current company. She first trained at an academy associated by the company. She auditioned, became a trainee, and debuted in Mamamoo.

AOA Choa - Flight management major at Inha Technical College
Her parents wanted her to have a stable job so she entered the college as a top student. She still didn't give up her dream to be a singer. She auditioned at various places and was a trainee. While working at a phone store, she met Juniel and entered FNC by her recommendation. She trained and debuted in AOA.


Instiz: Female idols who are flight majors

- Flight operators is those that work in the airplane, so there's a height requirement since they need to take out luggages and all. Flight management is those that work at the airport, so there's no height requirement.

- For Inha Technical College, flight operators major is so much more competitive than flight management major ㅋㅋㅋ Heehyun would look so pretty in the uniform ㅠㅠ

- Solar looked really good in the flight attendant uniform in Um Oh Ah Yeh music video

- Choa is such girl crush ㅠㅠ

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