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Possible JYP trainees for 'Sixteen' season 2

Park Jin Young had mentioned that he will be launching two girl groups (one of them being Twice). At a lecture, he said there will be Sixteen season 2. Rumors say at the earliest, they will debut at the end of this year when the male version of Produce 101 'Boys 24' ends. If later, they'll debut in the next summer.

Somi (born in 2001)
Winner of Produce 101. She has a strong fandom and she's 99% confirmed to debut on season 2. She might not even participate in the show because she's too obvious to debut, unless Mnet wants her for more attention.

Lily M (2002)
Yang Hyun Suk also expressed that he wanted to cast her. She's very talented in singing. People expected her to choose YG, but after discussing with her parents, she chose JYP.

Eunseo (2000)
Those that went to the trainee showcase say she's talented in everything including dancing and singing.

Hanseol (2001)
Known to be a Krystal lookalike. She didn't appear on Sixteen season 1 because her parents opposed. She's said to be treasured by JYP. Her talent is unknown.

Chaeyeon (2000), Chaeryung (2001) - sisters
In charge of dancing. Rumors say they switched to Fantagio and will debut in the same girl group as Yoojung from Produce 101.

Natty (2002)
Thai member on Sixteen who could dance very well. Park Jin Young also praised her a lot but she wasn't picked.

Yejin (2000)
She's said to be very pretty. Her singing is decent.

Ryujin (2001)
Main vocal material with a decent visual

Sookyung (2002)
She's not known much. Those that went to the showcase say she's another Baek Yerin, an amazing vocal color.

Mei (2000?)
Chinese trainee. Nothing else is known.

Sakamoto Mashiro (1999)
Japanese trainee who was cast this year. She has visuals and is very talented in singing and dancing. She also trained in Japan and has experiences in films, modelling, theater, and etc.


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- I doubt that they'll make Somi do a third survival show

- I thought Sixteen season 2 was about a boy group?

- Wow, new girl groups aren't born in the 90's anymore ㅠㅠ

- No wonder why JYP's casting team visited every school in my neighborhood

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