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Makjang of a married couple Lee Chan Oh & Kim Sae Rom

Pann: Would you guys accept Lee Chan Oh's behavior as a married man?

(Lee Chan Oh was caught in a video with a woman on his lap. He clarified that she's a female friend of his.)

1. [+400, -4] The person who filmed the video was quietly saying "dae~bak..." as she was filming it. Someone beside her was telling her it was OK to film because he couldn't see them. Before I watched the video, I thought he was just hanging out with a female friend and people were exaggerating. But in the video, she was sitting on his lap and he was hugging her with his arms right below her chest. So gross.

2. [+363, -6] Do you think Lee Min Jung forgave Lee Byung Hun completely? Lee Min Jung's facial expression at the airport before she gave birth tells everything. Her husband's affair aside, she became a pitiful woman from a goddess because it was a national embarrassment for her. It's hard to cure your pride once it's scratched.

3. [+271, -2] Do you expert her to scold him openly? A celebrity is also human, of course she wouldn't be fine with it.

Kim Sae Rom: "My ideal type is a manly guy. But for some reason, those guys always have a girlfriend. However, I'm more attracted to them when they have zero interest in me. There was this guy who was completely loyal to his girlfriend. I was sad because he wasn't interested in other women at all. I started calling him randomly and was like, "I called you because I was thinking of you~" I also met up with him frequently. After a while, I stopped contacting him and made him curious. He ended up falling for me and we dated. I dumped him later."

MC: "Send a video message to the guy's ex-girlfriend."

KSR: "Nice to meet you..."

MC: "She doesn't know you?"

KSR: "No she doesn't. If she does, then it'll hurt her pride because I'm prettier than her. It's good that you broke up with him. I dated him for a year and he was very so-so."

MC: "You've done this only once, right?"

KSR: (Couldn't give an answer for a moment) "Let's just conclude that it was only once."


Pann: I don't understand why people say Kim Sae Rom is a saint

1. [+530, -16] Like husband, like wife. Birds of a feather flock together. Kim Sae Rom said it was more thrilling to seduce a guy who already had a girlfriend and that she could seduce any man. She also called herself the Jun Ji Hyun of Sungnam region ㅋㅋ She's getting what she deserves. If you make others cry, you'll be the one crying later.

2. [+435, -84] Stop. She's a bitch indeed but having your female friend on your lap after getting married is more bizarre.

3. [+400, -9] I don't want to see them both on TV anymore

4. [+133, -2] Now she'll feel more competitive as she's seeing her husband getting taken

5. [+132, -142] So does she steal others' boyfriends after she got married? We don't know what kind of a woman she was but she's now married and settled. We don't know what kind of a man her husband was but he had other woman on his lap after he got married. How can you compare these two? They're legally married and the guy is a married man.

6. [+122, -4] I don't want to see her on shopping channels anymore. She's so annoying, she speaks informally and she thinks she's always right. The products are shitty but she lies about them.

7. [+114, -1] She used to seduce married men and now her husband is dating a woman who's seducing married men.

8. [+108, -2] Ugh... both were acting so stupid... What's the point of acting like lovers on SNS ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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