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Kangin's criminal career, Radio Star remarks, sunbae comments, fans' statement

In September 2009, he was booked without detention by Gangnam police for assault

In October 2009, he turned himself to Gangnam police for drunk driving and hit-and-run

In April 2015, he was investigated by Seodaemun police for evasion of reserve training for 2 years. Ironically, he was appearing on 'Real Man' at the same time.

On May 24, 2016, he was investigated by Gangnam police for drunk driving

Gangnam police: Hey~ Long time no see~


Instiz: Super Junior Kangin's career

- Oh my god...

- 3 out of 4 are Gangnam police ㅋㅋ

- Gangnam style

Kyuhyun: "He went on 'Real Man' but didn't attend reserve training and got criticized harshly. He's in charge of scandals in Super Junior."

Kangin: "I knew you guys would mention this!!!"

Kim Gura: "We really need to talk about this. How can you not go to reserve training when you're appearing on 'Real Man'? It's laughable."

Kyuhyun: "His nickname is Kangnani because he's like a delinquent (mangnani)."


Instiz: 'Radio Star' Kyuhyun, "Kangin is in charge of scandals, his nickname is Kangnani"

- I hate how they make this a laughing matter

- Kyuhyun must've felt so uncomfortable as he was reading the script...

- Why does Kyuhyun have to suffer for what Kangin did ㅠㅠ

"I think the public has forgotten about me by now"

"Please give me one more chance"


Instiz: Radio Star Kangin's final comment three weeks ago

- If he's on broadcast to say these things, he should donate the appearance fee

- I wasn't sure whether to leave the fandom or not, and I did. I made a great choice ㅋㅋ

- He always says he'll reflect but he never does

Jiseon: "I think Kangin will be like Jo Hyung Gi in 20 years"
(tn: Jo Hyung Gi is the entertainer who hit and killed a pedestrian by drunk driving)

Minwoo: "Kangin-ah, it won't work out because of you~"


Instiz: What celebrity sunbaes said about Kangin

- It's not easy for a person to change

- Celebrities drop hints

- Did he have the nerve to do drunk driving when a member was severely injured by a car accident?

Super Junior's DC Gallery users wrote a statement to demand Kangin's withdrawal from the group.


Instiz: Some fans of Super Junior announce 'statement of Kangin's withdrawal from Super Junior'

- It's even rare for a non-celebrity to commit these things

- It's a pity that even fans are taking this action...

- At this point, they definitely can't take him anymore because they don't want the leader to take more responsibilities

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