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Fans become depressed after seeing their favorite artists?

"The reality hits you.
You thought you'd be so happy and excited to see them in real life.
But after seeing them, you're left with a sense of futility and become depressed.
Dejection + emptiness + depression + futility = reality.
And you feel the gap between the artists and you."


Instiz: The unexpected emotion fans feel the most after seeing their favorite celebrities

- I get what it means ㅋㅋ I wondered what I had achieved while my favorite artist was gaining so many fans like this.

- Am I the only one who's still a big stan? I stay excited after a stage so I watch other fancams and go, "oh, someone was shooting from this direction" and enjoy the performance again.

- I cried on my way to home from a fansign ㅠㅠ The reality hits you really hard

- Indeed... I was thinking, "My favorite artist is successful and is performing in front of so many people. What am I even doing?"

- It's especially severe if you're stanning foreign idols ㅋㅋㅋ

- I expected the reality to hit me and went all the way to China to go to a concert, but I ended up liking the artist even more. I love you Luhan <3

- I feel this the most on my way to home from a concert. I get really depressed and I don't even remember how I got home. But I get over it after a day.

- Singers also get the depression after they finish a concert... It's like an aftereffect

- I really liked Bigbang but I left the fandom after going to their concert because of this ㅠㅠ

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