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'Boys 24' reveals the first 7 trainees

7 members everyday for 7 days, total of 49 boys will be revealed!

"His eye smile will give you a heart attack! Real idol!"
Lee Hwayoung

"God of dance. King of dance. Poppin genius."
Park Joonseo

"Fall in love with his delicacy hidden in chicness <3"
Jin Sungho

"What's up! Manly man targeting women's heart!"
Kim Jinsub

"Charisma & eye smile. Unexpected charm. Dancing king."
Kim Yonghyun

"Flower smile sniper"
Lee Haejoon

"No worries for debut, he's perfect."
Hwang Inho


Instiz: Male version of Produce 101 'Boys 24' reveals the first 7 members

- 01??? He was born in 2001???? Hul

- Their eyeliner though... All I can notice is their makeup

- Hul, their weights are only 50~60... They're skinny and tall

- Is Lee Haejoon in Woollim?

- I wonder who will be the next Sejung

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