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Which of the Big 3 companies is the best at dancing?

Pann: Which of the Big 3 companies is the best at dancing?

1. [+56, -15] I like playful style of dance, so YG for me ㅋㅋ

2. [+48, -18] I'm an SM stan but my favorite style is YG. Their tumbling and synchronized choreographies are so cool... I'm a fan of b-boy. I also like soft waves and stuff like that.

3. [+38, -10] SM and YG

4. [+29, -2] JYP dancers won't lose at anywhere. They lack popularity but Yugyeom and Momo are no joke. More than half of GOT7 members are very good dancers.

5. [+21, -5] YG for male idols and SM for female idols

6. [+18, -3] JYP fandoms aren't as big but they're the best at dancing. More than half of 2PM members are good. For Miss A, Fei is recognized because she was on a lot of dance shows. Jia is also a good dancer. Most GOT7 members can dance and Mark literally does acrobatics. Momo is also famous.

7. [+16, -1] They're all good, but YG is my style

8. [+15, -0] YG for groove style. SM for female idols.

9. [+15, -2] I like perfectly synchronized choreographies, so I like CL's Hello Bitch, Winner during WIN, and iKON's stages.

10. [+13, -2] SM for vocals. JYP for dance.

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