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Kaistal: Kai's image-making, couples at SMTOWN concert, EXO's stable popularity

1) EXO members hinting at an official event

2) He pretended like he doesn't use SNS and only visit the homepage for fans. When he made an Instagram account, he commented, "How can I delete the account?" "Do I just have to log out?" In fact, fans knew that he already had a secret account. He acted like he was trying to delete his Instagram.

3) Shoved Sehun to the side for Krystal

4) Couple items

5) Hotel staff's account:
"The couple stayed at a suite room. When they checked in & out, Krystal was in the car and Kai did the work. Krystal called and asked me to explain the room service with an English accent. I thought, "who is this girl speaking with an English accent?" My sunbae went to her room to give her a nail clipper and she told me that it was Krystal. Krystal had just taken a shower and she was in a gown. They stayed for 2 nights."


Kai's original image: "Practices all the time. Sleep at the dorm, wakes up, eats chicken, sleeps. No interest in girls, likes his dog. Goes to his noona's store, goes to practice again."

Real image: "Likes sports, likes to go to restaurants & shopping, likes hotels."


Pann: Kai's image-making methods and its limits

1. [+264, -51] Were we even in your picture? Are we a bother in your dating life or are we ATM? They say I should leave the fandom quietly but I'm going to leave my words because the love and trust I had are going to be a waste. The path we promised to walk together, walk with Krystal then. I'm out. Too tired.

2. [+239, -15] There's this old saying, "Never trust clowns with makeup on their faces." Just watch and enjoy them.

3. [+234, -27] 2 nights at a hotel?? What a healthy date!

4. [+105, -5] Room service after showering... Fans say "What's wrong with swimming and having fun at a hotel?"... Well, they're idols ㅋㅋ

5. [+94, -1] EXO had withdrawals and stuff but they're still acting like this at an official event. They're so immature and thoughtless. They have thousands of eyes watching them, do they really think people won't notice? And the members could be considered as Kai's second family, it's amazing that Kai doesn't care about them at all. I've never seen an idol that doesn't care about their members like that.

6. [+88, -1] I was shocked when I saw that Kai replied with "k" to Chanyeol's happy birthday text.

7. [+81, -1] He doesn't smile that much to fans. Fans shield him and say he completely changes on the stage, but you can easily tell when he's in a bad mood ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+79, -0] His image-making is really well done, even as a non-fan, I thought Kai was a hard-worker and dance maniac.


1) Baekhyun & Taeyeon

2) Kai & Krystal

3) Chanyeol & Joy

4) DO & Irene


Pann: SMTOWN is a concert for dating

1. [+287, -18] You must be very young. It all started with Junsu and Taeyeon.

2. [+235, -23] No, it originated from Taeyeon & Leeteuk and Taeyeon & Kangin ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+179, -4] DO was helping Irene because she has a fear of stairs. Joy & Chanyeol is such a nonsense.

4. [+80, -3] Does no one know about Jessica & Jaejoong? Am I that old?

5. [+57, -24] SM couples: Taeyeon-Junsu, Taeyeon-Leeteuk, Jonghyun-Jessica, Taeyeon-Baekhyun, Kai-Krystal. I'm not sure about Chanyeol-Joy. It's not Irene-DO, it's Irene-Xiumin.

6. [+55, -7] On that day, Suho made 6 (yook) with his fingers and teased Joy

7. [+51, -4] Jonghyun-Jessica isn't true. Jonghyun did like Jessica but she was dating Taecyeon at that time. I'm a Shawol and a Sone.

8. [+46, -5] But most of the pictures are the guys wandering around the girls because they like them.


Pann: Honestly, there isn't a boy group that ended up like EXO

(3 withdrawals, 3 dating news, still doing well)

1. [+170, -33] When a member leaves a group, the group declines completely but EXO is still winning daesangs after 3 withdrawals. They have amazing fan chants and had a big first concert. EXO is the only group that's maintaining their popularity after withdrawals.

2. [+111, -19] EXO and EXO-L are just so huge, so their controversies don't really affect them. EXO had traitors and dating news, but they care about their fans and they comeback with good songs. They do well and it makes the fans happy. EXO is literally the only stable group after all these issues ㅋㅋㅋㅋ EXO-L's size is already legendary. After Taengkoong, we only have truly loyal fans and they're cheering for Kaistal. We're happy to see them dating and fans take it lightly. Everybody knows how strong EXO-L is!

3. [+83, -12] They're still not declining after all this... EXO-L is a very stable fandom, their mentality got stronger since Growl.

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