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Suzy, Seolhyun, and Tzuyu's popularity on male-dominates sites

 Pann: Are Suzy, Seolhyun, and Tzuyu top female idols on male-dominated sites?

1. [+107, -33] For face, Suzy is the top

2. [+100, -35] Suzy's visual is the top on both female and male dominated sites.

3. [+94, -23] Tzuyu and Suzy for pretty faces. Yura for body. Seolhyun for popularity.

4. [+55, -6] Tzuyu is also pretty but Suzy is the top

5. [+51, -9] I don't know about popularity but isn't Suzy's visual the top?

6. [+50, -10] Since debut, Suzy has always been mentioned for her visual and she's still popular. It's amazing.

7. [+41, -4] Suzy is not the most popular on male-dominates sites because there are a lot of new faces but she's considered a top visual.

8. [+40, -11] Women ignore Yura but she's also very popular for her visual. She has a good body and a pretty face.

9. [+39, -11] Suzy is the top indeed. Tzuyu and Seolhyun's skin color doesn't fit the standard.

10. [+35, -1]
Face: Suzy, Tzuyu
Face + body: Seolhyun, Tzuyu
Body: Yura
Other popular ones: Twice Sana, Mina

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