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Four dramas produced by SM this year

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho (KBS)
Storyline: Prosecutor Jo Deul Ho, who has honor, authority, and everything, exposes corruption happening in the persecution. As a result, he loses everything.
Recent ratings: 12.6% (episode 7)

Gaia (temporary name, MBC)
Storyline: A popular and cold male idol and an average girl get on the same plane. The plane crashes and they land on an island.
Cast: Kang Haneul (lead)

Jealousy Incarnate (temporary name, SBS)
Storyline: Fierce competitions between announcers and weather casters and romance
Cast: Jo Jung Suk (lead), Gong Hyo Jin (lead), Lee Mi Sook

38 Task Force (OCN, 16 episodes)
Storyline: Scammers and civil servants collaborate and charge tax on corrupt defaulters that become rich through expediency and tax evasion.
Cast: Yang Sung Do (Seo Inguk), Baek Sungil (Ma Dong Seok), Chun Sung Hee (Sooyoung), Song Ock Sook, Jung Ingi, Jo Woo Jin


Instiz: Dramas produced by SM this year

- For an SM drama, it flops if an SM idol appears in it

- Jo Deul Ho is really fun

- Weird how a drama succeeds if there's no SM idol...

- Looking forward to 38 Task Force since it's aired on OCN. Gongvely on Jealousy Incarnate, looks interesting.

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