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Jisung & Hyeri on 'Entertain' and Hwang Jung Eum & Ryu Joon Yeol on 'Lucky Romance'

Before: Jisung & Hwang Jung Eum on 'Kill Me Heal Me'

Before: Ryu Joon Yeol & Hyeri on 'Reply 1988'

Jisung & Hyeri on 'Entertain'

Hwang Jung Eum & Ryu Joon Yeol on 'Lucky Romance'


Pann: Entertainer vs Lucky Romance, competition between Hyeri and Ryu Joon Yeol, who'll win?

1. [+154, -0] I don't think it'll be a competition between the actors, but a competition between the stories...

2. [+135, -6] I really like Jisung and Hyeri but I don't like the storyline of Entertainer. At least Lucky Romance will have the webtoon fans watching, so Lucky Romance will win.

3. [+69, -5] As a fan of Reply 1988, I just want Hyeri and Ryu Joon Yeol to do well. They're lead characters thanks to Reply 1988, I hope their acting catches up on their roles~ Cheering for both.

4. [+42, -15] Hyeri is so bad at acting ㅡㅡ She was lucky with her character in Reply 1988. Her pronunciation is really bad, I can't understand what she says.

5. [+28, -6] Ryu Joon Yeol > Hyeri. Jisung = Hwang Jung Eum.

6. [+23, -3] Hyeri's acting is fine but the actual problem is Kang Min Hyuk ㅋㅋㅋㅋ When he was crying at a charnel house, I could see that he was flustered because tears didn't come out. I thought he was a robot. Hyeri's acting is good but she's getting criticisms for her pronunciation whereas there's no talk on Kang Min Hyuk ㅋㅋ

7. [+20, -3] Her facial expressions, emotions, and crying are all good but her speaking lacks a bit. It could get better since it's only the beginning of the drama. It's better than speaking well with bad facial expressions. I hope both dramas do well ^^


8. [+17, -0] Lucky Romance because the webtoon is really fun!

9. [+16, -4] Hyeri and Jisung don't match at all, so I don't really want to watch it. People around me also don't like Entertainer.

10. [+15, -0] Jisung and Hyeri look like an uncle and a niece on Entertainer.

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